DAPLAB Session #1: Zefix Notifier Project

As announced a few weeks back, we’ll change the layout of the weekly DAPLAB sessions and come up with broader subject, spanning on several weeks.

The first session we’re proposing is called Zefix Notifier. In a nutshell, we’ll ingest data from the Central Business Names Index of Switzerland (Zentraler Firmenindex, or Zefix in short). We’ll also let any user enter some keywords, which we’ll match with the new data ingested, and notify (via email or callbacks) when a match is found.

Zefix Notifier Architecture
Zefix Notifier high level Architecture

The following deck is explaining in more detail the project: Zefix Notifier Project

It’s not mandatory to come to every sessions of the project, you can come any time and start to work with us from where we are.

See you on Thursdays!


Update: The work of day 1 is detailed in the Github project.