Voldemort Knowledge Graph

VoldemortKG is an exciting project which explores the extent to which entities represented in different ways repeat on the Web, how they are related, and how they complement (or link) to each other. It has released a paper as well as made available its first results on this website.

DAPLAB has made available the resources needed to create the dataset as well as to perform some of the computations. A great thanks to our collaborators Benoit Perroud and Chistophe Bovigny for their work !

We hope this is just the beginning of fruitful collaborations with external researchers and companies and that our infrastructure will help more researchers in their ground-breaking works.

Taking advantage of the growing amount of structured data produced on the Web is critical for a number of tasks, from identifying tail entities to enriching existing knowledge bases with new properties as they emerge on the Web. While this information has been essentially exploited by commercial companies, it remains an under-explored ground for the research community where several fundamental research challenges arise.

VoldemortKG’s goal is to provide tools, knowledge and models to extract and match structured pieces of data with high confidence in addition to provenance data, which constitutes a playground for researchers interested in a number of tasks including entity disambiguation & linking, entity typing, ad-hoc object retrieval or provenance management.