Hacky Thursdays — Back to school Fall 2016

Summer is flying. It’s almost dark again outside when it’s Hacky Thursday’s time 🙂 After this rather long long summer break, it’s time to go back to school. The announcements of the summer was legions, and many, many, many new projects have been given to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). I did challenge anyone of you to name 9 different stream processing framework/platform/engines now. Yes 9, because there are at least 9 of them in the ASF at the time of writing.

Hence, the menu proposed till the end of the year will be:

(Apache) Streams Processing WTF?

If you ever know the answer of this question, you’re more then welcome to contribute to one or another session 🙂

If, like me, you keep stacking articles about these technologies and you promised yourself in your new year resolutions to hack around, it’s not too late to achieve this goal.

In short, we’ll build a use case to try all of these technologies and compare them using requirements we’ll set in advance, such as ramp up time, ease of deploy, integration with YARN, debugging, performance, etc…

We’ll obviously use Kafka as dispatcher, so we’ll dig into Kafka before starting the heavy duty so that everyone is on the same page.

The planning is given below. It might be subject to few changes but you get the main idea.

  • September 1: Warm up — use case definition and event generator
  • September 8: DAPLAB/iCoSys/eXascale Barbecue
  • September 15: Kafka and Kafka internals
  • September 22: Spark
  • September 29: Flink
  • October 6: Apex
  • October 13: Kafka Streams
  • October 20: Fall’s break
  • October 27: Storm
  • November 3: Beam
  • November 10: Samza
  • November 17: Gearpump
  • November 24: Ignite
  • December 1:Recap. We’ll pick one (called winner below) and spend the December digging deeper into this winner
  • December 8: winner 1/2
  • December 15: winner 2/2
  • December 22: Fondue

If you know one of this technology and like to take ownership of the session, let me know, this would be greatly appreciated.

Last but not least, starting September, companies will have the opportunity to sponsorize the aperos. Please reach out to me if you’re interested or know some companies which might.

Thanks, and see you soon!