HDP 2.4.2 on the DAPLAB

We are proud to announce that the DAPLAB upgraded to the latest HortonWorks release, HDP 2.4.2. The upgrade went perfectly well, thanks to the skills of our technical team.

The official Apache versions of most HDP 2.4.2 components are unchanged from HDP, with the exception of Spark and Kafka. Spark is upgraded from 1.6.0 to 1.6.1; Kafka is upgraded from 0.9.0 to

Spark 1.6.1
  • ODBC/JDBC support for SparkSQL
  • Support for Spark Streaming and Kafka in a Secure Cluster (Kerberos-enabled)
  • Oozie Token support for Spark jobs
  • Support for MirrorMaker with a secure cluster (Kerberos-enabled)

More info: Hortonworks HDP 2.4.2 release notes