Google #HashCode 2017 — Hub @HEIA-FR

We’re pretty delighted to announce that DAPLAB in collaboration with iCoSys and GDG Fribourg will again this year host an official Hub for the next Google #HashCode, Thursday Feb 23. Since Thursdays is our hacky day, let’s code something different (or not, we’ll see :)). When Thursday, February 23. Doors open around 5:30pm, and will close around […]

Hacky Thursdays — Back to school Fall 2016

Summer is flying. It’s almost dark again outside when it’s Hacky Thursday’s time 🙂 After this rather long long summer break, it’s time to go back to school. The announcements of the summer was legions, and many, many, many new projects have been given to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). I did challenge anyone of you […]

DAPLAB Session #1: Zefix Notifier Project

As announced a few weeks back, we’ll change the layout of the weekly DAPLAB sessions and come up with broader subject, spanning on several weeks. The first session we’re proposing is called Zefix Notifier. In a nutshell, we’ll ingest data from the Central Business Names Index of Switzerland (Zentraler Firmenindex, or Zefix in short). We’ll also […]