Workshop Data Science 19-20 October 2017

Dear DAPLAB’ers, there are still some places available for the workshop on data science co-organized by eXascale Infolab (UNIFR) and iCoSys (HEIA-FR). When: afternoons of 19 and 20th of October 2017 Where: UNIFR / HEIA-FR What (in french): Ce workshop organisé par IT-Valley s’adresse à tout informaticien désirant découvrir l’univers du Big Data et de la […]

DAPLAB updated to HDP 2.6.1

Dear users and friends, Thanks to a great team effort, the DAPLAB stack has been updated to the latest version. We are now running HDP 2.6.1 ! The following technologies have also been upgraded in the process: HDP 2.6.1 Ambari 2.5.2 Spark 1.6.2 Spark2 2.1.1 Kafka 0.10.1 Cassandra 3.11 Flink 1.4 We hope you will […]

Voldemort Knowledge Graph

VoldemortKG is an exciting project which explores the extent to which entities represented in different ways repeat on the Web, how they are related, and how they complement (or link) to each other. It has released a paper as well as made available its first results on this website. DAPLAB has made available the resources needed to create the […]

HDP 2.4.2 on the DAPLAB

We are proud to announce that the DAPLAB upgraded to the latest HortonWorks release, HDP 2.4.2. The upgrade went perfectly well, thanks to the skills of our technical team. The official Apache versions of most HDP 2.4.2 components are unchanged from HDP, with the exception of Spark and Kafka. Spark is upgraded from 1.6.0 to […]

DAPLAB is featured on the Swiss TV

On Saturday 5th of March, DAPLAB and its partners were featured on the Swiss television news (in french). We were able to introduce our activities and illustrate them with partner case studies of Infoteam and Swisscom.

Google #HashCode Hub @EIA-FR

We’re pretty delighted to announce that EIA-FR has accepted to be an official Hub for the next Google #HashCode, Thursday Feb 11. Since Thursdays is our hacky day, let’s code something different (or not, we’ll see :)). When Thursday, February 11. Doors open at 6pm, and will close around midnight. What Google #HashCode Contest Where Room […]

DAPLAB Session #1: Zefix Notifier Project

As announced a few weeks back, we’ll change the layout of the weekly DAPLAB sessions and come up with broader subject, spanning on several weeks. The first session we’re proposing is called Zefix Notifier. In a nutshell, we’ll ingest data from the Central Business Names Index of Switzerland (Zentraler Firmenindex, or Zefix in short). We’ll also […]

Spark Hello World

A new tutorial is available on It will guide you through the basics of Apache Spark and its scala interpreter (spark-shell). Enjoy !