Creating a data-driven company

    Growing a data-centric culture inside your organization is a long journey which every single employee, from top managers and C level to field engineers, must embrace.

    Data Sciences

    Strong applied math and statistics knowledge is required to extract need out of the haystack of data.

    Dev Ops

    Engineering and operations teams must be ready for change in this fast evolving world of data.

    Decision Making

    Decisions should be supported with data and not only gut feeling. Up-to-date, easy to access data is the key to let everybody in your organization foster innovation.



    With a model similar to fablabs, DAPLAB aims at facilitating the access for enterprises and universities to emerging technologies in the area of big data and intelligent data analysis. Many business processes are nowadays generating significant volumes of data that contains valuable information. The main objective of DAPLAB is to reduce the entry barrier for Swiss companies to find value out of their data and ultimately turn into a data-driven company. DAPLAB will answer the needs of educational and economic partners through the integration of analytic algorithms, benchmark data sets and education materials. As a central point of activities, DAPLAB will manage a cluster of servers dedicated to data storage and computation, based on Hadoop and ecosystem, to which universities and companies will have access.


    Your company or academic institution can register according to Premium or Freemium membership and get access to DAPLAB facilities. Storage, support and computation quotas are allocated according to the membership.
    Institute of Complex Systems
    Institute of Complex Systems
    The Institute for Complex Systems, based in Fribourg, is an institute of the HES-SO//Fribourg. It conducts research at boundaries between computer science, data analysis, distributed systems and mathematical modeling.
    eXascale Infolab
    eXascale Infolab
    XI — the eXascale Infolab — is a new research group at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. We are designing, building and deploying next-generation infrastructures for Big Data, with a focus on social, scientific, and linked data.


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